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The Texas Rain People came up with a great idea. Build the largest rain water collection plant in a small town called Smithville, Texas, create a custom designed filtration system based on 2012 standards and bottle it in 100% biodegradable and recyclable bottles. The purest rainwater in the greenest bottles.

At Texas Rain we use the latest technology to make our rainwater the best on the planet. We capturing and gathering the pure rainwater on our conditioned roofs through first flush diverters then screen filtered into storage tanks that keep the water clean. From these first pre raw water tanks we use 25 micron filters to our primary raw water holding tank. From there it goes through our purification skid that starts with a 20 micron carbon filter then 0.35 micron absolute filtration system, then the UV light sterilization process, another 0.35 micron absolute filtration system, and a final ozone or O3 process for a final disinfectant process. Natural ultra clean rainwater that is oxygenated water with a high uptake value for your body!

Once this is done, the water is so clean it can be used by doctors, dentist or any water replacement where distilled water is used. Only visionary technical gurus could come up with something like that, and all so that you can have the finest bottle of water on the face of the planet with no aftertaste. The water then goes into the bottling line to be bottled in our biodegradable and recyclable bottles or our PET1 Bottles that are BPA (Bisphenol A) free. Now, the product is so green with oxygenated water we needed to paint the walls blue just to compensate for the glow coming off those pallets of water.

Try our water when making coffee, tea or baking/cooking, it brings out the true flavor of whatever you use it with and you will taste the difference. If you have unfinished water left, don’t throw it away, water the plants, fill the pet bowl or use it in the iron. It is great for your pets! Do a test, put a bowl of our rainwater and a bowl of your well or tap water next to each other and see which bowl the pet chooses. It can also be used in your iron for clean pure steam, car radiator or battery or where ever you need ultra clean water or distilled.

Call us for your rainwater capture systems residential and commercial we have a unique and correct way of installing your piping and system. We distribute many brands of tanks and systems for filtration from watering the gardens to drinking from the system.

Investment Opportunities Available! Call to find out more.

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