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Texas Rain

David M. Schraub - Founder, President and CEO. David is the engineer / scientist behind the company and combined with his operational, manufacturing, sales, graphics and business background this makes him quite the triple threat. 

David has 23 years of prior experience in semiconductor manufacturing which include: Total of 3 + years of in-Fab operations of the manufacturing line - Implant, Photo, Diffusion, CVD, Metals, Back Grind and DI Water Plant operations. 20 years Lab, Failure Analysis and Yield Enhancement Engineer -  AMD, Sony, Motorola and Freescale. 

David presently has 8 plus years of experience in Rainwater bottling manufacturing and rainwater capture which includes all aspects of plant operations. Currently CEO/Founder Dave holds a Class C Surface Water Treatment and a Public Water System License through TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality). Additional licenses are currently being pursued. In September 2009 Dave designed, engineered and built the Texas Rain Facility for supplying the public with bottled rainwater through the Texas Rain Label and Customer labels. To date we have over 350 customer labels and growing. Dave also designs rainwater capture systems for residential and commercial use.


Carmen Schraub is Founder and Director of Operations for Texas Rain. Carmen has 8 years of experience in the operations of Texas Rain keeping the Bottling operation running smoothly making sure orders are completed on time. Along with the manufacturing, much of the office clerical work is handled by Carmen.

Dean Cain does not work for Texas Rain he just loves our rainwater when he is on set. We supply many of the film crews that shoot in the local area with bottled Texas Rain Water. We have supplied many of the movies shot here and accross Texas.


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